Fashion Responsive

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Since the inception of Haute Couture, fashion has been one of the most powerful expressions of change and the thirst for innovation within contemporary culture.

At the age of dematerialisation, simultaneity and immediateness, fashion increasingly integrates technologies into its creation and communication processes. Like all design disciplines, fashion in the 21st century values experience beyond product and supports the utopia of a permanent mutation.

The Fashion Responsive publication, which is downloadable below as an ePub file, brings together written and visual contributions by artists, fashion designers and critics who took part in the Fashion Responsive symposium, dedicated to a public reflection on these aspects, at the HEAD – Genève in 2015. From interactivity technologies to the conception of wearables and forms of intelligent design, and on to the use of performance and participative practises in fashion, accessory and jewellery design, these contributions explore different approaches of “real time” research in contemporary creation.





Luca Marchetti – Scientific Director (professor at the HEAD – Genève in 2015)
José Teunissen – Curator and Head of the London College of Fashion’s Design School
Ying Gao – Fashion designer (head of the HEAD – Genève’s Fashion Design department in 2015)
Ariane Koek – Founder of the CERN – Genève’s International Arts Programme
Christiane Luible – Head of the Linz Kunstuniversität’s Fashion & Technology department (professor at the HEAD – Genève in 2015)
Miralab Genève
Pauline van Dongen – Fashion designer
Michèle Danjoux – Fashion designer
Viola Chiara Vecchi – Researcher Politecnico di Milano
Emma Fric – Co-founder of The Prospectivists in Paris.