Extrait de la BD "La jeune femme et la mer" de Catherine Meurisse, Éditions Dargaud, 2021

Catherine Meurisse’s Pantheon

An interview with comics artist conducted by Benjamin Stroun

As part of a research project, Benjamin Stroun (HEAD – Genève, HES-SO) sat down with Catherine Meurisse, author of the comics La Légèreté (Dargaud, 2016), Les Grands espaces (Dargaud, 2018), and more recently La Jeune femme et la mer (Dargaud, 2021). Meurisse is also known for her long-standing collaboration with the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Here is an audio extract of this interview, in which Stroun questions Meurisse about her relationship with comics; a genre for which she has momentarily set aside press cartoons. Meurisse – who is the winner of the 2021 Töpffer Award – claims humour as “politeness” and shares her love for art and her peers: the writers, cartoonists, and artists who inspire her. Her latest publication, La Jeune femme et la mer (The Young Woman and the Sea) was produced during several stays in Japan, notably at the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto, a French artistic residence. In this book, Meurisse confronts landscape as a place of inspiration and consolation, and nature as a potentially destructive force.