Talking Heads – Claude Barras

It took Claude Barras ten years to complete his first full-length animation film My Life as a Courgette (2016), which tells the story of a young, round-faced, big-eyed orphan boy. The film was awarded two Césars. Talking with Delphine Jeanneret, from the Cinema department, and Myriam Poiatti, from the Visual Communication’s Image/Story minor, Barras offers an insight into the making of this little epic, which was made using modelling-clay puppets. The talk is dotted with preliminary videos and drawings, giving an understating of the overall production process from scenario and storyboard to dubbing, animation and shooting, as well as the collective dimension of such a project. Barras also evokes his previous illustration works, talks about Georges Schwizgebel’s influence on his decision to work with animation, and discusses his latest film project, about an orang-utan in the Borneo rainforest.


Talking Heads du mercredi 31 octobre 2018

Claude Barras, réalisateur, en conversation avec Myriam Poiatti, critique, historienne de l’art et professeure en Bachelor Département Communication visuelle et Delphine Jeanneret, programmatrice de films Bachelor au Département Cinéma/cinéma du réel.