Diplôme CCC de Loreleï Regamey, © Michel Giesbrecht / HEAD – Genève


Means of re/membering

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Taking the form of a poetic and theoretical experiment, Loreleï Regamey′s thesis seeks to bring together the various voices that have accompanied her in the course of her long-term research on the political and subversive dimension of needlework. These practices of knitting and embroidery, which symbolise the submission of women at home, have been reappropriated as a means of expression and subversion. Needlework was and is also a field of exchange and subjectivation through the feminine sociability it induces. Regamey uses the title Re/member this house by author James Baldwin as a way of drawing out a series of real or imagined figures from sweatshops, sewing rooms, slave houses, and ethnographic museums which, through the weaving of the narrative, reconstructs an ideal house of repair and memory.


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