Visual material produced by the collective Interlove 2019

All Revolutions Must Be Collective

A Podcast recorded by Garance Bonard, Cecilia Moya Rivera and Camille Shirin Zaerpour

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In making this podcast, we tried to create a place in order to gather voices from the resistance network of the French-speaking part of Switzerland. This network is constituted of different collectives that are self-organized and seeking to achieve different aims: struggling against capitalism/imperialism, supporting people in exile, supporting prisoners, promoting intersectional feminism, fighting against political racism, fighting against the police, fighting sexist violence, supporting the victims, etc.

What connects them and us is a strong desire to resist and to find new ways of surviving.

With this project we focus on collective intelligence, which actively works for the fall of dominant relations and tools; groups of militants do so on a daily basis in the French part of Switzerland. We decided to focus on one question, which we asked to each collective: “What do you think must fall?”

By bringing down all monuments, we are attacking a visual, artistic, 3-dimension tool of white supremacy: the memorial images of the victors of history. But there are many more state apparatuses entangled in this visual manipulation.

All Police Must Fall. All Prisons Must Fall. All Dominating Cultures Must Fall. All Institutions Must Fall.

So many answers that belong to the respective emergencies of the collectives we interview, gathered within this audio piece.

Jean Dutoit (Lausanne) supports people in exile and fights the discrimination and abuse they face in Switzerland.

Jupiter Soundsystem (Lausanne) supports prisoners, victims of police brutality, and fights against anti-black racism. They try to create viables alternatives for them.

Où êtes-vous toutxs? (Lausanne) focuses on healing, sharing, collectivity and solidarity by proposing spaces of radical freedom outside of standard circuits.

Interlove (Lausanne/Genève) focuses on care, awareness and benevolence within night-spaces.


Visual material produced by the collective Jean Dutoit 2016


Visual material produced by the collective Où êtes-vous toutxs? 2019


Visual material produced by the collective Interlove 2019


Visual material produced by the collective Jupiter Soundsystem 2020


Camille Shirin, Cecilia and Garance have been activists since they became aware of their position in the world.
Cecilia works with different militant organizations between Chile and Switzerland, Camille Shirin (Outrage, Interlove) and Garance (Où êtes-vous toutxs?, Interlove) are part of the militant sphere of the French-speaking part of Switzerland.