Auguste Choisy, Acropolis

Séquence sonores, narratives, performatives et spatiales

Retour au sommaire

Loïse Bulot in conversation with Nicolas Rabaeus

Is sound montage always dependent on temporal linearity? What is the importance of sound collecting? How can the atomisation of a sound source create a new unity? Nicolas Rabaeus and Loïse Bulot examine these issues through the prism of Bulot’s work.


The Talking Thing

Lecture: Carla Demierre

Between orality and writing, Carla Demierre’s performance focuses on the hands that hold a recorder, transcribe words, braid threads, draw lines and connect fragments…


The in-between space-time. Montage devices between theatre and film in Christiane Jatahy’s work

Lecture: Arielle Meyer MacLeod

Arielle Meyer MacLeod analyses how, from one show to the next, Christiane Jatahy reinvents the modalities of montage, between theatrical representation and the filmed image.


Joaquim Moreno in conversation with Roberto Zancan

The theory of montage plays a major role in twentieth-century architectural research. In this conversation, Moreno and Zancan discuss certain experiences in order to consider possible directions for the architecture of tomorrow.


Sound, narrative, performative and spatial sequences

Round table with Carla Demierre, Joaquim Moreno, Roberto Zancan, Arielle Meyer MacLeod, Loïse Bulot and Nicolas Rabaeus
Moderated by Bertrand Bacqué