Sławomir Kamiński, 'Rave at Torwar Hall in Warsaw, 1997


The intangible elements comprising its architecture

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Techno and rave culture, which grew and inundated the world at the beginning of 1990s, are the entry points for this study. The phenomenon of collective dancing, new formats of parties, music as a central actor and wild appropriation of various spaces are just few elements which constitute a history of raving. The story of Polish transformation after the fall of communism in 1989’ and the growth of techno scene there, is a main background for this thesis. Looking at the spatial evolution of techno spaces from their illegal, underground beginnings, to their commercialised mature phase, materialised in monstrous festivals and immersive interiors of techno clubs, Patrycja Pawlik explores current potentials of these temporal environments, where body and dancing still play crucial roles for self exploration and social belonging.


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