ISSUE #9 – Editing Arts International Symposium

Video footage of the conferences

In March 2021, the Cinema Department organised Editing Arts! Montage en mouvement, an international symposium on montage in cinema and the contemporary arts, both retrospective and prospective. Starting with the major features of cinematographic montage (alternating montage, parallel montage, oppositional montage), speakers from different fields of contemporary culture were invited to discuss the mutations and evolutions encountered in the practice of montage in art and design (scenic arts, visual arts, architecture, music, literature, comics, video games, etc.) and to observe the way in which these changes can influence cinema’s forms. This symposium was a continuation of the Start Making Sense! Cinéma et arts contemporains transforment l’essai symposium, organised in 2013, and Montage. An anthology (1913-1918), a book co-published with the MAMCO in 2018. The symposium offered to rotate between fundamental lectures on montage, dialogues between theorists, critics and artists, and performances and film screenings.

Thanks to Lorin Wüscher for the video editing, Mathis Damour for the sound recording and Aurélien Haslebach for the Zoom coordination

Cover image credit: Fast Film, Virgil Widrich, 2003

Film montage and its effects

Sound, narrative, performative and spatial sequences

Politics and aesthetics of film montage

Juxtapositions and hyperlinks