How to publish


Editorial office
ISSUE operates within an editorial office composed of the Head of the Publications Office and the sub-editor.

Editorial committee
The editorial office benefits from the support and skill of an editorial committee, whose mission is to read, discuss and address the proposals it receives via the email address

Prerequisites for publication
ISSUE favours unpublished content. Any re-publication should be comprised of a substantial addition in relation to the original publication, or be an unpublished translation of the original publication.

Documents to be provided in case of publication
– Title proposal
– 800/1000-character abstract introducing the project’s topic and context
– Short biography about the author(s)

Rights assignment
The author releases his or her publication rights.

No remuneration is given for the publication, unless the author is external to the HEAD. Contributors internal to the HEAD are nevertheless allocated between 10h (short contributions) and 20h (long contributions) of work on their workload sheet.

Text content
– Texts are to be sent as .doc file, not pdf.
– Texts’ length should be somewhere between 2,500 and 50,000 characters long.
– The author should submit a text ready to be published, free of misprints or spelling mistakes.
– The text should be submitted without page layout nor formatting option, in only one font (e.g. Arial 10) and without tabulation.
– Content is published in its original language (English or French).
– Gender-inclusive language is required.
– The author must provide an abstract for his, her or their content.
– The author must provide 5 key words in English.
– Subtitles and subheadings should not be over 120-characters long and should enlighten about the content (they should be specific and non-generic).
– Author(s) should be respectful of the required writing codes as featured on the website.
ISSUE typographic guide
– Author(s) must provide at least one JPG or PNG royalty-free picture with caption and copyright as illustration for their topic.

Multimedia content
– Videos are hosted on the HEAD’s Vimeo account.
– Images must be submitted as JPG or PNG files (500 ko minimum).
– Sound files are hosted on the HEAD’s Soundcloud account.


The editorial office, September 2023.