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Talking Head with Pauline Julier

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Pauline Julier’s latest film, Follow the Water (2022), focuses on the Atacama Desert in Chile. This desert, the driest on our planet, is home to huge lithium mines, a metal needed for electric batteries. The desert is also an exploration ground for NASA scientists, who find there a Mars soil analogue. Through the use of several channels, Julier mixes perspectives and attempts to describe the relationships between the Atacama desert’s different elements, linked together by the same issue: water. In this Talking Head, Julier looks back at some of her audiovisual productions that are marked by environmental issues, and the desire to sketch out new imaginaries, reconnected to the world. According to her, the dominant narratives of media and blockbusters reflect a false reality by telling out-of-this-world stories: air-conditioned narratives.