Head to head II – Alexandra Midal

In this portrait, which takes the form of an interview, Julie Enckell Julliard seeks to grasp the originality and radicality of Alexandra Midal’s thinking, which enlarges the field of design theory by tackling unusual topics such as the links between the Industrial Revolution and the appearance of the first serial killer in Chicago. Formerly the director of a Fonds regional d’art contemporain (FRAC), Midal took an avid interest in design and the social issues it raises while writing her PhD thesis in Princeton. Often stemming from pop culture, her case studies are strategically chosen to undo some of design theory’s authoritative hierarchies. Midal, who is also a professor in the Space and Communication Master, explores the flaws of history and reconsiders its founding stories. All the while, she ponders the contemporary inflation of design, a conquering discipline which ceaselessly appropriates new fields of expertise.


Filmed by Lucien Monot
Cover image: © Felipe Ribon