Head to Head III – microsillons

The HEAD–Genève’s TRANS– Masters is devoted to students wanting to get involved in socially engaged and collaborative artistic projects or cultural mediation. The Masters was founded by microsillons, a duo composed of Marianne Guarino-Huet and Olivier Desvoignes. In this filmed portrait, they look back on their career histories and how they met. Both having an interest in collective practices, Guarino-Huet and Desvoignes conducted practice-based doctoral research, thinking about alternative educational methods as well as the way in which working together with non-artists can transform our cultural models. Guarino-Huet and Desvoignes also speak about the advent of cultural mediation in academia and the educational turn in curatorial practices, in which they took part as mediators at the Centre d’art contemporain de Genève between 2008 and 2010.


See also microsillons book review: https://issue-journal.ch/edition/uncertain-patterns/

Direction and editing: Sophie Dascal / HEAD–Genève