ISSUE #19 – Making it low-carbon

Video footage of the conference series

In recent years the climate crisis has forced the worlds of art, fashion, architecture, design, dance, theatre, film, and music to question their carbon footprint and take steps to reduce their CO2 emissions. But while much has been said about the measures taken on an organisational level with relation to production, transport, and display modes including framing – for example videoconferencing rather than taking long plane trips, reusing picture rails in museums as opposed to throwing them away, adapting lighting to be less energy-intensive, sorting waste, etc. – less has been heard about the work of art per se: how the climate crisis is transforming both the content and container of art, the artwork’s signified and signifier, the subject as much as the form, and the material itself. This series of Talking Heads talks dedicated to low-carbon creation examines how the new climate regime is revolutionising the very nature of the artwork; its raison d’être; its values; its aesthetic criteria and, ultimately, its beauty. All the talks can be watched online.

Cover image: Pauline Julier’s thermography

Regard avec le monde

Comment le climat transforme la mode

Numérisation et crise environnementale

No Emission No Exploitation

There’s plenty of room at the bottom

The anthropocene style