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Terms and conditions for practice-based doctoral research

PhD Forum Research Day

Irit Rogoff, Professor of Visual Culture at Goldsmiths University in London, and Samuel Bianchini, artist and professor-researcher at EnsAD in Paris, were guest speakers of a research day on May 25th, 2018, organized by the CCC PhD-Forum at the HEAD in collaboration with the EPFL. Both speakers shared their experience and vision of what it means to undertake research in art and design. What do these processes activate? What are the long-term consequences of such researches as a network of practices?

Founder of three PhD programme at Goldsmiths, Irit Rogoff argues that the “research turn” is characterized by a shift from “inherited knowledge” to working “from conditions.” She advocates that one’s own vulnerability and instability must be the starting point of a research in constant dialogue with formal knowledge. Responding to the latter without adhering to it, as well as invoking the subjectivity without narrating it as such demands a new methodology and a new vocabulary in order to resist the bureaucratic and neoliberal agendas which force experimental research to be formatted along fixed pathways to employment.

For his part, Samuel Bianchini shows the intermingling of theory and practice, emphasizing the case of the collective research situation experienced during a workshop session. The empathy inspired by the failure of an engine built to perform an expected movement can—for example—prompt a reflection on the notion of disabled objects. His interactive apparatuses and behavioural objects are examples of a practice-oriented research at the crux of society, technic and aesthetic.

Situating our experiences

As part of this research-day, the CCC research affiliates, who come from various academic and artistic fields, wrote and performed the collective text Situating our experiences. This text gathers together their reflections, questions and concerns in the production of new knowledge across disciplines. They formulate the need for new methodologies that enable us to think differently in a world witnessing political, technological, ecological and epistemological ruptures. The text has been published in English and Spanish, in Re-visiones #8 “Lately I only write things I can read with others,” edited by Gelen Jeleton and Pablo Martínez, Madrid: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, December 2018.

Situating our experiences


Cover image: Camilla Paolino (CCC PhD-Forum participant), from the collective exhibition TRANSIT proposed by the CCC Research programme at Live In Your Head, 2019
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