Khalil Joreige – Unconformities

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Khalil Joreige presents his most recent collaborative project with Joana Hadjithomas, Unconformities, which works on temporalities and confronts the idea of the city in relation to its complex histories of inhabitation. The pair creates artworks derived from drilling cores, which reveal and fix the subterranean worlds of Paris, Athens and Beirut: three cities omnipresent in their personal imaginary. Recovered from the construction sites that discard them after use, these core samples bare their “unconformities” – temporal ruptures, natural disasters, geological movements – in full view, revealing construction as a cyclical process; the defining feature of civilizations past and present. History appears not as layers but as actions, a kind of palimpsest mixing epochs and civilizations. These poetic recompositions question the dominant forms of narrating and representing history, but also address debates around the Anthropocene. Hadjithomas and Joreige presented Unconformities at the Centre Pompidou in Paris after their nomination for the Marcel Duchamp Prize, which they won.