Pirogue par Mbaye Diop dans le hall du Boulevard Helvetique, HEAD – Genève. © Michel Giesbrecht/HEAD

République Tukki

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In contemporary art, migrants are mostly represented from a dramatic angle. The denunciation of their fate once they have arrived in Europe, the risks of crossing the Sahara or the Atlantic, and the makeshift rafts on which they pile up underpin the imagery associated with migrants in culture and in the media. In his thesis, Mbaye Diop takes a more poetic viewpoint, focusing on the reasons for exile. A collection of anecdote-filled stories from the migrants of African origin that he met forms a song which gives a singular voice, and thus dignity and equal status, to this Tukki Republic (a Wolof word meaning travel). Diop’s thesis also stands out for its graphic aspect, with a layout based on scans of fake passport pages.


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