Metahaven – Complex belonging

What does it mean to live together in this new reality?

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Complex belonging question: how about “the transformation profonde de la condition humaine”? The stories of the postanthropocene are (of course always) studies of new inequalities, of holographic pop singers, faceless factory workers. From pamperer vs. pampered to renderer vs. rendered. The rendered are 21 years old. “The future is a stranger.” (Yes.) Complex belonging is a question of longevity of living relationships and livelihoods. How does the child explain it to you? Where does everyone go? What if you are stripped of our usual language? Task. Try to build sentences about this world without using the words smartphone, internet, server park, infrastructure, AI, drone, etc. That’s hard but it is necessary to bring out new and better words for our life with contradictions, objects and others. Tell stories. Everyday science fiction. Digital monasticism. Let’s do it.