Les vieux, les vieilles, l’art et l’institution

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Camille Sevez questions our relationship with old age in this thesis, based on a painful personal episode in which her grandfather died alone in a nursing home during lockdown. While old age is always lengthening, ‘old people’ are still not considered as anything more than sick people waiting to die. Therefore they are confined to these ‘non-places,’ where even the food no longer resembles what it is. Sevez develops several hints for creative workshops dedicated to this disregarded segment of society, which she presents as illustrated instructions for use. A workshop in an old people’s home however led her to question – with both humour and depth – the very relevance of her initiative, as an old people’s home clearly makes any collective creation effort sterile. The territory of the possible ultimately moves to a village, where it is easier to nurture social links through art.

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