ISSUE #2 – Common denominator

Art in the ruins of modernity

In William Turner’s Slavers Throwing Overboard the Dead and Dying, Typhoon Coming On (1840), sublime, unrelenting nature meets the revolting behaviour of men treating other men as refundable commodities. Images of black bodies at sea echo those of migrants drowning in the Mediterranean today. The funeral landscape can also be read as an allegory for a wrecked planet, brought to a state of disrepair – some scientists are predicting – by the exploitation and combustion of human and natural resources. The thematic issue gathers research projects, artistic practises, lectures and talks from the HEAD, tackling both the place of humans in nature and their way of accepting or refusing to see the Other as a person, be they human, animal or a river. In the face of collapse, artistic approaches that undo the sovereignty of the individual, the Nation-State and other expropriating organisations are called into action.

Editor: Sylvain Menétrey

An Initial Conversation

Diasporas of the So-Called Anthropocene

Water policy and poetics

Double Bound Possession Master Symposium – Introduction

Double Bound Possession Master Symposium – Kodwo Eshun

Double Bound Possession Master Symposium – Kader Attia